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G.O-90 Super Brand of products is manufactured by Oruhtrade International Limited. The company was incorporated (RC: 356487) on the 17th of May 1999  with the objective of manufacturing, distributing and sales of insecticide and household products.

Our corporate objective is to exceed the expectation of our consumers and stakeholders through continuous improvement of product quality and service delivery using highly skilled personnel and state of the art technology to provide environment-friendly products for a healthier and happier life.


G.0-9.0 Super-brand  is formulated and designed indigenously in Nigeria to meet the needs of our consumers locally and in the west coast of Africa.

Product lines include G.0-9.0 Insecticide 30ml Drop & 1 Litre pack size, GOVAN DDVP, G.0-9.0 Aerosol Insecticide & Air Fresheners,  and  G.0-90 Tissue for which the G.0-90 insecticide drop has proved to be the favorite of consumers over the years. The company also markets GOVAN D.D.V.P which is a very effective pesticide and the favorite of most Nigerian farmers.


We collaborate with government regulatory agencies (NAFDAC and SON) to ensure our products are of quality standards and  environment friendly for use within and around the homes, offices, hospitals, etc.


Our wide distribution network comprises of an aggressive and well-motivated sales force ensuring a strong presence of our products in major cities in Nigeria and other west coast countries.

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